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Jauma Farm & cherry orchards

Jauma Farm stretches over 40 acres of hillside land on unceded Peramangk Country, near Lenswood in the Adelaide Hills. Home to James and Sophie Erskine — plus kids Danby, Audrey and Archie — we farm certified organic cherries, grapes, pears and apples, plus grow veggies and produce natural wine, cider and vinegar.

Organic pick-your-own cherries, in the Adelaide Hills

Each summer, we open our Jauma Farm doors to visitors for pick-your-own cherries.

You can roam the whole orchard, eat cherries as you go (they're quite irresistible) and carefully hand-pick some fresh, ripe, juicy and delicious organic cherries to take home.

We have 800 certified organic cherry trees in our orchard, bearing 11 different varieties.

It is the most delightful thing, picking these ruby gems by hand: crunchy, mouthwatering little bites of deliciousness that juicily drip down your face and bring the joyous child out in even the most serious of adults.

You can even bring a picnic blanket and chill on our hill afterwards, perhaps collecting some Jauma natural wine for your summertime sips before you head off.

As small growers, we love seeing our crop enjoyed straight from the farm to you.

Pick your own cherries at Jauma Farm.jpg

JaumaFest: our annual cherry-picking party


Each December, we throw a two-day cherry-picking party at our Adelaide Hills organic farm, with live music, street food, a local maker market and — of course — a wine bar.

Collect your season's Adelaide Hills cherries from our certified organic orchard, then chill out on the hill and listen to live tunes with a glass or two of cold fizzy natural wine.

A sheep farm turned certified organic acreage

Situated on geologist and explorer Sir Douglas Mawson's old sheep farm and shearing shed, our farm has been certified with NASAA Organic since 2009. 

We moved to Jauma Farm, previously known as Old Coralinga, in 2018. We’ve learned countless lessons as we explore what it means to nurture a cherry orchard, raise baby grapevines, grow vegetables, tend to animals and live with the cycles of the seasons.


We’ve planted vineyards, trees and gardens, and built a winery, a yoga studio, event spaces and a home.


We are curious, excited farmers and spiritual seekers, expanding our knowledge and experience through biological and regenerative farming.

Mandatory for us is minimising soil disturbance and abstaining from using chemicals and allopathic solutions to challenges which are symptoms of 'dis'-'ease' and not the cause.


Home to Jauma natural wines


All Jauma natural wines are made with zero additions of anything at all, at our winery on Jauma Farm.

Since moving to the farm, we have added plantings of Chenin, Savignin, Cabernet Franc, Gewurztraminer and Gamay. These vineyards will produce natural wine in the years to come.

Creating a living, regenerative ecosystem

One of our big farm projects was rebuilding our veggie garden from scratch. When we moved in, the patch was about 10 raised beds with lots of infrastructure: metal boxes lined with plastic and carpet to keep the grass down, old broken irrigation and unhappy soil.

In 2021 we stripped it all back and replanted directly into the earth, to create a living and sustaining ecosystem.

We are so amazed at nature’s capacity to heal and rebuild itself when given the chance.

These days, our soil is heaving with life and the patch is a complete jungle of edible plants, flowers, animals and insects, all existing in harmony and working together.

It gives us hope that we can take this same offering into the rest of our 40 acres, so it is left thriving and healthy for future generations.

The Jauma Farm organic vegetable garden.jpg
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