Welcome to Jauma Farm.

Jauma Farm, is located on unceded Peramangk Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and their ongoing spiritual connection to Country. We pay respect to Peramangk Elders past, present and emerging


Certified Organic with NASSA since 2009, Jauma Farm grows vines and cherries, as well as a mixed family orchard and veggie patch. Our farming practice is an exploration of biological / regenerative organic farming. Once stewarded by explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, this area is known locally as Coralinga, and is surrounded by native forest reserve. Mawson's original stringybark shearing shed still remains on the property, where we now hold events. Lenswood and Forest Range was once occupied by gold mining communities, and now is home to many orchards of cherries, apples, pears and grapevines. 

The soil we care for is around 450 million years old and comprised of decomposed quartz crystal and clay, with quartz and schist interspersed throughout the soil profile. By diversifying and increasing plant life around the property, we move toward a co-cropping, polyculture system. Applying compost and aerated compost tea sprays to the vines, veggies and orchards, promotes an abundance of healthy microbial life on leaf and soil. We use a no-till system to encourage the growth of the sub-surface web of mycorrhizal (symbiotic plant root fungi) which aids nutrition distribution and inter-plant communication. We continue to revegetate over-grazed and vacant spaces around the farm with local native shrubs and trees. We acknowledge the ancient Indigenous farming practices and wisdom carried through generations from many traditional cultures, knowledge that informs and inspires our work and land care.

The heart of life in this place is the community who come to experience nature in all her wonder. We are honoured to welcome people to the farm for cherry picking, yoga retreats, festivals, wine events, farm tours and long lunches. Many hands make light work, and with help of our wonderful team we are able to get the lists of jobs done, bringing great strength, joy, collaboration and energy to the farm.

Our promise is to tread lightly here, listen and learn with open hearts and minds to how we can make positive change through donation, collaboration, deep listening and unlearning our colonial systems. It is great responsibility to care for land, and we endeavour to leave this place carefully nurtured, replenished and thriving with life.