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Current Release

Jauma 2017 Fairygarten Shiraz

2017 Fairygarten Shiraz $35

– No preservatives –

We’ve been working on this for years and she’s finally come to fruition. This is a carbonic styled wine, fermented in a closed vessel on its bunches. It’s bright, light in appearance and flirtatious with wafts of raspberries, plums and anise. It’s crunchy, almost rose-like.

Jauma 2017 Lilies Grenache

2017 ‘Lilies’ Mclaren Flat Grenache $50

– No preservatives –

1940’s bush vine Grenache, brought to trellis in 1980. The soils are deep sands on Clay. The flavour profile is much more roses and light red fruits. Lilies is called so as the Grenache sits next to 10 big beautiful ponds of water plants, fish and lilies.  Such a peaceful and beautiful place.

Jauma 2018 Tikka The Cosmic Cat Shiraz Grenache

2018 Tikka the Cosmic Cat Shiraz Grenache $32

– No preservative –

Tikka is our winery cat. The Grenache comes from the sandy sandy soils of the Lilies vineyard in McLaren Flat, planted 1943. The Shiraz comes from 2 blocks: The silty soils of 28 Rd in McLaren Vale, which we picked early and carbonically macerated to capture lighter, brighter, aromatic tones.  The richer parts of the dry grown Shiraz vineyard of Ralph Wood in Clarendon. De-stemmed and picked more mature – giving a supple mouth feel and darker fruit flavours.

Jauma 2018 1000 Fires Muscat Chenin

2018 '1000 Fires' McLaren Vale Muscat Chenin $32

-No preservatives-

A blend of classic white varieties which thrive under the heat of the Australian sun. You usually see Muscat petit grain - aka black frontignac as a fortified wine but it's an absolute belter as a dry white and blended with cheninn you've got this amber, skin contact magic :)

Jauma 2018 Mixed 6 Pack

Jauma Mixed

6 Pack $190

– No preservatives –

1 x 'Fuji San' Chenin Spritz

2 x 'Tikka' Shiraz Grenache

2 x '1000 Fires' Muscat Chenin

1 x 'Birdsey' Cabernet Franc

Jauma 2018 Fuji San Chenin Spritz

2018 Fuji San Chenin

Spritz  $32

– No preservatives –

Chenin vines in the white/grey, sandy soils of Blewitt Springs.  Owned and run by Lulu and consulted by Fiona Wood and Dave Gartelman. Slightly fizzy chenin, with swooshy, cleansing acids, apples and pears and a lace of minerality.


Jauma 2018 Hola Nuria Muscat Peti Grain Pet Nat

2018 Hola Nuria Muscat Peit Grain Pet Nat $32

– No preservatives –

“Hi Nuria” in Catalan. Nuria worked with me in 2015, she is a wine maker, wine educator and  sommelier for the infamous Bar Brutal in Barcelona. One night while in Brutal, Nuria brought me a glass of bubbles to try. “What do you think boss?” I said the wine was clean, maybe a little boring but totally smashable. “F#!k you boss, that’s my pet nat Muscat!” Nuria snarled. So it's with great pleasure I bring you this homage to my dear friend, Nuria.


Jauma 2018 Xpectations Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 ‘Xpectations’ Cabernet Sauvignon $40

– No preservatives –

We've been working this for 8 years, and finally created an expression which makes these delicious grapes shine. Whole bunch pressed to barrel on lees gives a wine that stands proud, bright and textural. This wine rocks! Fantastic now but imagine it in 5 years…


Jauma 2017 Danby Grenache

2017 ‘Danby’ Grenache $32

– No preservatives –

We are delighted to be

re-releasing a Danby label (after not in 2016) and to bring Danby back in a new form - carbonic Grenache. Frivolous, light, super aromatic and fun. We have been working on this style for a few years now and are ready to unleash. Good things to come.


MINIMUM 6 bottle order | Shipping $15 Australia wide

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Jauma 2018 1000 Fires Muscat Chenin
Jauma Logo - wild, expressive, living wines
Jauma 2018 1000 Fires Muscat Chenin